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Fluvoxamine 100 mg is a medicine made by Sun Pharmaceuticals, an Indian Pharma brand. The brand name under which they sell the medicine is Fluvoxin 100 mg. The primary salt, Fluvoxamine, is present in each tablet is 100 mg. In one strip of medicine the company packs, you will find 10 tablets. When you crack open the trip, you will find a biconvex skin tablet with a line going from one end to another. The medicine falls under the category of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, which is a prescription-based medicine category. Anyone suffering from depression or OCD should visit the physician, discuss every medical aspect and issue details with them and go through the details of medicine discussed below.

Different uses of Fluvoxamine 100 mg medicine

Various reasons why a person uses the Fluvoxamine 100 mg tablet are-

  • When a person is battling the issue of depression, they can use the medicine. It will provide some relief to people from overthinking and depressing thoughts.
  • People who have the obsessive-compulsive disorder can also use the medicine and provide some rest to their minds.
  • People who have social anxiety can also take the help of this medicine.
  • The physician also suggests the medicine to people with a severe phobia, causing problems in their normal life. Such people should take medicine occasionally when the phobia is taking over their minds.

How does the Fluvoxamine 100 mg show its action in our body?

To understand the action of the medicine, a person has to understand how the brain works. When our brain has to send some signals to a body part, they take the help of neurons and serotonin. The brain passes the signal to one neuron, and when a neuron has to pass it to another, its synapse absorbs serotonin and passes the information. This way, a signal reaches the body part, and they execute an action. The same happens in the case of thinking and thoughts.

When we use a medicine, our main aim is to stop the brain from thinking. So, the medicine will stop the serotonin absorption in the synapse. This will disrupt the whole process of signaling in the brain. When a signal does not pass, the brain will stop thinking, and a person gets relief from the issue they have been facing.

Tips to get the best out of Fluvoxamine 100 mg dose

You should follow a few tips to use the Fluvoxamine 100 mg dose. They are-

  • Take medicine as a whole and never try to break or chew it.
  • Water can be the best help if you are trying to swallow the medicine.
  • You should take medicine every day with the same pattern and at the same time. If you use it before food at 3 PM, try to do it daily.

Dose of Fluvoxamine 100 mg

In 90% of cases, the physician suggests that a person take one dose daily of Fluvoxamine 100 mg. It is more than sufficient with almost all levels of issues that a person has. But still, if you feel like your medicine is not showing proper action, you should visit your physician and demand a higher dose.

What to do after missing the dose?

Missing a dose can bring back all the thoughts you want to save yourself from that are too strong. That is why you should make up for the dose asap. Remember that the time left for the next dose should be more than 12 hours. If time is less, then ask your physician about what to do.

Side Effects that might appear

Some of the major medical side effects are-

  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Dryness of mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Indigestion
  • Problem in sleeping
  • Decrease in libido levels
  • Tremors

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1.     How to store the Fluvoxamine 100 mg medicine in your home to maintain its quality?

For storing the medicine, choose a place where the temperature is always below 30 degrees Celsius. The place should be away from rays of direct sunlight and be dry. If the place you choose is damp, the quality of medicine might decrease.

2.     Is the medicine safe to use in case of anxiety?

Yes, the medicine will be safe for people who have the issue of social anxiety. Due to this, the panic attacks that might occur in your body due to anxiety will also not happen. But some people can not take medicine, which is why a person must visit a physician before getting the medicine.

3.     When can I notice an improvement in my body after using Fluvoxamine 100 mg?

The medicine is a fast-acting tablet that will complete its task within a few minutes or an hour. You will notice relief and a mood-upliftment in this case. You need a higher dose if the medicine takes a few hours to show its action in your body.

4.     When to stop using the Fluvoxamine 100 mg tablets?

The main task of the medicine is to suppress the issue for some hours, and then you will feel it again. It means that it will not cure the issue, so to stop the medicine consumption, you must look for a cure. When you find that your body has cured the issue completely, you can discuss with your physician, and they will decrease your dose and bring it to zero eventually.

5.     Am I going to feel tired after using the Fluvoxamine 100 mg medicine?

Yes, you might feel tired after using the Fluvoxamine 100 mg medicine. It can happen as a side effect of using the medicine. In such conditions, you should have some sleep, and you will feel better.


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Active Ingredient



Depression, Anxiety disorder, Phobia


Biocin Healthcare


10 tablets in 1 strip



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6 To 15 days


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