Omnacortil 40 Mg (Prednisolone)


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Omnacortil 40 mg is a steroid medicine that helps people suffering from severe allergic reactions. The medicine is available in smaller doses of Omnacortil 5 mg, Omnacortil 10 mg, and Omnacortil 20 mg, but when the cases become severe, the physician chooses the 40 mg dose. It contains 40 mg of Prednisolone salt in every tablet, and in one pack, you will find 10 tablets. The physical appearance of the tablet is white and biconvex, with 40 written on one side. It is a prescription-based medicine, the details of which are discussed below.

Why do we use Omnacortil 40 mg medicine?

We use the Omnacortil 40 mg medicine due to the following reasons-

  • The medicine suppresses the issue of severe allergic reactions.
  • People who have asthma can also take help from this medicine.
  • The medicine helps people who have severe eye and skin allergies
  • There is an issue named nephrotic syndrome, which is a severe infection of the kidney. The medicine also helps in providing relief from this issue.
  • The medicine also helps in the treatment of rheumatic disorders.

How does medicine help our body?

The medicine helps the body by suppressing the cells of the immune system or the symptom itself that is causing inflammation. Sometimes, a group of immune system cells starts releasing chemical messengers, which becomes the reason behind inflammation and its symptoms. The medicine blocks the activity of those cells, saving the body from the issue.

Correct dose of Omnacortil 40 mg

In most cases, the physician suggests only one dose daily for the Omnacortil 40 mg medicine because of the high salt concentration. But some people in this situation also might need a higher dose. Such people should discuss their concerns with the physician, and they will help you out. It would help if you asked your physician to fix the time for using the medicine.

What side effects might happen in your body?

The side effects that might happen in your body when you are using the Omnacortil 40 mg tablet are-

  • You might feel sleepy after using the medicine and tired also. That is why we suggest that you rest and don’t drive after using the medicine.
  • The medicine can also lead to issues of osteoporosis or a decrease in bone density.
  • Your mood might change very fastly due to the use of this medicine.
  • You might notice some physical changes in your body due to this medicine, like weight gain.
  • The stomachs of people using the medicine might stay upset.
  • You might also notice the rise of confusion and irritation in your body due to this medicine.

Best website to buy Omnacortil 40 mg and why?

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Active Ingredient



Severe allergic reactions, Allergy symptoms, Asthma


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