According to the stats of government agencies over 250 million people suffer from the issue of malaria every year. The issue is very serious and has proved itself fatal for more than 600,000 people around the world. Every year during the rainy season the issue is at its peak because the causal organism of this issue is a female Anopheles. The main causal organism of the issue is a parasite called Plasmodium. Based on the type of plasmodium the seriousness of the issue is derived,

For example, if you are suffering from Plasmodium falciparum then the chances are high that your issue is severe. If one does not focus on the issue on time then it can lead to death also. On the other hand, the other three variants of plasmodium that are less fatal are P. vivax, P. ovale, and P. malaria. The issue is so fatal that everyone should have minimum knowledge about it.

It will help in case the issue ever happens in your body. So, let’s discuss the details about the issue and hydroxychloroquine medicine which is one of the best medicines that helps in case of malaria.





How Does The Transmission Of Malaria Happens In Humans?

The transmission of malaria happens only with the help of a vector that is female Anopheles. The issue does not transmit from one human to another until a blood transfusion is done by mistake. The life cycle of the female anopheles is in two stages. They complete the first phase in the body of the mosquito. Now when the female Anopheles bites a human being then the plasmodium transfers to their body. The mosquito leaves spores in the human body which reach the liver with blood flow.

Here it will grow for 10 days and infect the cells of the liver. This will introduce the symptoms in the body which shows that your body is suffering from malaria and a particular infection has taken over the cells of the liver. This is how the issue happens in the body of humans.



Changes That Occurs In Body Due To Malaria

When a malaria parasite enters the body, then it starts making changes. These changes are sometimes bearable and sometimes unbearable. Here is a list of those changes-

  • High fever happens in the body and can come and go continuously.
  • Your body will experience chills and headaches which can be mild to extreme.
  • Muscle ache happens in the body and you will often feel tired without doing any task.
  • The count of red blood cells and platelets in the body decreases. This can turn into anemia also if not controlled.
  • Nausea and continuous vomiting happen in the body.
  • Diarrhea also happens in extreme cases of malaria in the body.
  • You will face shaking chills in the body very frequently.


Complications Body Has To Go Through

There are a few complications in the body that might happen when suffering from malaria. In most cases, it happens only if the issue is left unattended for a longer period. The list of complications are-

  • When a person is suffering from malaria then the chances of liver failure and jaundice are very high. It happens because, inside the body, the plasmodium directly infects the liver and decreases its working. In this case, the color of the skin and eyes will start turning yellow. If not controlled on time the issue can kill the person.
  • The issue can also lead to a sudden drop in the blood pressure in your body. The main reason behind it can be considered a shock.
  • Due to the issue of malaria fluid can also start filling in the lungs. This issue is known as pulmonary anemia. It can make the respiration process difficult.
  • Acute respiratory distress syndrome can also happen in your body when suffering from malaria.
  • People have also reported that their blood sugar levels have decreased due to the issue of malaria.
  • The malaria parasite destroys the red blood cells which causes anemia.
  • Dehydration and failure of the kidney can be an issue that happens due to severe malaria.
  • Premature birth of a baby with low weight can happen.


Death Tolls Due To Malaria

To be precise the death due to malaria in the year 2019 is around 558,000. The next year, 2020, the death toll rises by 69,000 and reaches a total of 627,000 deaths. In these death tolls, Nigeria is number 1 followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo and the United Republic of Tanzania. In the USA, the number is much less and the annual deaths are only one digit.


Diagnosis Methods of Malaria

Several blood tests are done by the physician to diagnose malaria in your body. But before that, they will look for symptoms. If the symptoms indicate malaria then it’s time for a blood test. The following angles are seen from the blood test-

  • The physician will see if your blood has a plasmodium parasite present in it or not.
  • If the parasite is present then what kind is it?
  • The levels of infestation are also checked. Based on that treatment will proceed further.
  • Sometimes the issue is caused by the resistance dose you take, your reports will also tell about it.
  • Through blood tests, your platelet count is also checked. If the count is less then the issue can be severe and cause complications.


Prevention Methods of Malaria

Here are a few other preventive measures that physicians and government suggest apart from medicine consumption if you are living in an area with high chances of malarial infection-

  • The first preventive measure suggested to everyone is mosquito control. If we see, then the biting of the mosquito is the main reason for the issue. That is why you should take measures to control them. For that, you must look at stagnant water nearby and remove them. In any water storage which is not for drinking, you can use kerosene oil. It will kill the eggs of mosquitoes.
  • You should use a net around your sleeping bed and treat the net with insecticide. Just remember that amount should be in a quantity that does not affect your body. It will protect you 70% more as compared to sleeping normally.
  • You can also adopt indoor residual spraying on the walls at home. Whenever the mosquitoes and other insects rest on that wall then their body will paralyze and they will die soon. The issue with IRS is that it can irritate your skin for a few hours after spraying completes.
  • The government can use foggers near the drains on roads so that mosquito numbers in the area decrease.
  • You can also make home modifications like placing netted or mesh doors and closing any unnecessary openings so that mosquitoes do not enter your home and infect you.


Hydroxychloroquine- A Super Medicine For Malaria Treatment

When we discuss the medicines that can help out a person with the issue of malaria then the name hydroxychloroquine tops the list. This is the salt that the FDA and the USA government’s emergency department suggest consuming in case of malaria. For prevention also one can take the medicine with some different protocols.


Consuming for prevention

If you are taking medicine as a preventive measure then its dose will be once a week. The prevention dose requirement arises when you decide to travel to an area where the issue of malaria is active and infecting people. Your dose starts two weeks before your travel date and will continue till 4 weeks after your travel is complete. Also, the day and time at which you consume the medicine every week should be the same. So, the best suggestion is that you must set up an alarm to remember the dose.

When you are taking the prevention dose then a shield forms in the body which will not let the larval stage of the mosquito grow in the body. They will die soon in the body before they can increase in number.


Consuming hydroxychloroquine for treatment

If you are already suffering from the issue then you have to take the medicine every day without missing it. The full dose suggestion of the medicine is provided by the physician whom you are about to visit. They will first run quick tests on the body which we have discussed above and then based on that, the physician will provide you with a dose. It can be taking the HCQs one time in a day or maybe two based on the level of your infection.

While taking the medicine for prevention, your body might go through a few side effects. Although they are mild effects, if they cause major issues then you must contact your physician asap and follow their instructions. Also, it is your duty you discuss your medical history and allergies with your physician. You have to follow one rule: never consume the medicine in an overdose as it will not provide good results and also never miss the dose. Doing so will give a window to the plasmodium again to grow in the body speedily. After you have cured completely, discuss with your physician about the medicine withdrawal.

The medicine is available in various salt variations. They will be suggested to you based on the levels of issues your body is going through. The higher the levels of issue, the higher will be the dose variations. Here are the available variants of HCQs-

With HCQ Zinc acetate and Ivermectin might be suggested. It is done to increase the efficiency of the immune system and save the body from any roundworm infection.




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