Ivrea 1 Soolantra Cream (Ivermectin)

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 Ivrea 1 Soolantra Cream (Ivermectin)

There are certain types of roundworm-caused issues that have a huge impact on a particular area like the face. One such issue is Rosacea, the huge impact of which can be seen directly on the face (Ivrea 1 Soolantra Cream). In this issue, a person can easily notice flushing and visible blood vessels on the face of a person. Along with that, the face gets filled with small bumps that are completely filled with pus.
Those who are suffering from this issue notice that these symptoms of Rosacea stay for weeks or even for months and then go away but only for a while. They keep happening again and again in the body of the person facing this issue which makes it unbearable. But one does not have to worry anymore because there is medication developed that can help in removal of these bumps and visibility of blood vessels from the face easily.
This medicine is actually a cream that is to be applied directly to the areas where symptoms can be noticed. The name of that medicine is Ivrea 1 cream. In case you are also suffering from Rosacea then you must read the details discussed in the cream below.

About Ivrea 1 (Soolantra)

Ivrea 1 is a scabicidal class action of medicine that comes with an active ingredient Ivermectin which is known worldwide for treating a range of roundworm-caused issues. But in this cream the percentage of Ivermectin is pretty low keeping in mind the sensitivity of the skin of the face and also due to the reason that they are to be applied directly to the infected area. Every one gram of cream has around 10 mg of Ivermectin which makes it almost 1% due to which it is known as Ivrea 1.
The medicine is also sold in the market under the name of Soolantra but one fact that everyone needs to remember is that the medicine is not sold over the counter. One requires a proper prescription by a physician if they need the medicine.

How to use Ivrea 1 Soolantra Cream?

If you have been prescribed Soolantra cream then you need to follow a proper regimen to apply the cream. First of all you have to clean the facial area properly with soap where the cream has to be applied. After that you have to pat dry the area and after that take a pea sized portion of cream on your finger. Now you have to apply this cream on your face gently and take care to keep it away from your eyes. Keep spreading the cream until it becomes a thin layer on your skin and then wash your hands properly.
Try not to touch your facial area after application of cream. After you have applied the cream thoroughly, the active ingredients that are present in the cream start absorbing into the skin. There it is going to reach out to the roundworm that is causing the issue and enter inside their body.

The main task the medicine has to do is stop the roundworm from replicating any further because it will increase Rosacea. For that the Ivermectin salt is going to reach the mental and muscular system of the roundworm and start destroying them. Due to that the roundworm starts getting impaired. Along with that it also binds with the mRNA that is about to convert into protein initiating the replication. Due to this the roundworm present inside the body will start decreasing in number. But if you want to notice some results then you have to wait for at least 2-3 weeks. For complete elimination of the roundworm you have to apply the cream for at least 12 weeks. In some situations, it can be even higher depending upon the situation of the person.

Side Effects of Ivrea 1 Soolantra

The side effect that can possibly happen in your body after you apply Soolantra cream has been listed below-
• If you have applied the medicine in more amounts than suggested then you might notice redness.
• Sometimes the effects of this cream can be noticed on the eyes also causing irritation and swelling.
• Dry skin with burning sensation can also be noticed by many people consuming the medicine.
• Sometimes it is noticed that after you apply for the medicine, the inflammation might increase for some time.
• Your skin might notice irritation after application of medicine.
• Rashes and itching have been reported by many consumers taking the medicine.
• In some cases the throat and tongue of a person also swell.
• Dizziness and drowsiness is also an issue reported by many people.
• Some people might also face some issues in breathing. If the issue persists for a longer period then consult your physician as soon as possible.

Precautions of Ivrea 1 Soolantra

If you are about to consume Soolantra medicine then here are a few precautions that you need to follow. If you don’t follow these precautions then you might end up facing major side effects.
• The very first precaution is that whenever you are visiting the physician, then always discuss your medical history with them. It will help them out in checking whether the medicine is safe for your consumption or not.
• If you are visiting a dentist then do inform them that you have been treated for Rosacea.
• Always apply the medicine on time suggested by the physician and in case of any change, contact the physician.
• If you are pregnant or breastfeeding then ask your physician whether the application of Soolantra is safe for you or not.
Ivermectin salt is a very effective salt and works well for the human body but there are a few medicines/ substances along with which either the salt does not work or show negative effects on the body. Those few medicines have been listed below.
• Medication of anxiety interacts with Soolantra and both can not work efficiently if taken together.
• You must never consume sleeping pills along with Soolantra.
• The medicine interacts very badly with tranquilizers.
• If you are consuming any kind of sedatives or muscle relaxants then you must never consume Soolantra.
• People, who have been prescribed medicine for mental illness or seizures, should not take Soolantra.
• You must not consume alcohol along with this medicine otherwise you might notice side effects.
There is a suggestion to you that whenever you visit the physician, always share with them all the medicines that you are currently consuming or have been prescribed. They will cross-check and later prescribe you the medicine accordingly.

Dose Information

The dose of the Soolantra is suggested by the physician as it is not an over the counter medicine. The physician is going to notice your situation by running a few quick tests and on the basis of that, the medicine will be prescribed to you. Now you can show this medicine prescription to any pharmacy online or offline and get the medicines easily. All you need to take care of is that don’t stop applying the cream until the course completes or your physician asks you to do so.


If you consume the medicine in an overdose then you are going to notice that your skin will start inflaming and start getting red. Apart from that you might also feel uneasiness in breathing then you must contact 911 or your physician for seeking some help. If you are unable to reach any of them then reaching out to the poison control center is also an option.

Missed Dose

If you have missed a dose then you need to check how much time is actually left for the next application of cream. If it is less then you must skip applying the cream but if you find that the time is equal or more than 12 hours then it would be best for you to consume the medicine as soon as possible.

People also ask / FAQ

What are the side effects of Ivrea 1 soolantra Cream?

The most common side effects that are caused by the soolantra medicine are allergy, skin irritation, trouble in breathing, itching and dizziness. If these side effects are in control then, you need not inform the physician; otherwise you must contact your physician as soon as possible.

What is soolantra cream used to treat?

The Soolantra medicine is used to treat a roundworm caused issue called Rosacea. The causal organism is actually not known yet but it causes lesions, inflammation and redness

Does soolantra work for rosacea?

Yes, the medicine Soolantra is made especially to treat Rosacea issues. All a person needs to do is consult the physician and then according to the dose that is suggested by them, apply the medicine and complete the course. After an average of 12 weeks of course, many people have reviewed that the medicine has improved their skin manifolds.

Whare can i buy this cream? 

You can buy this medicine form BuyIvermectin 24 website.

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